About Our Teams


Our Goal

Our goal at Syracuse Baseball Club is to prepare players for baseball both on and off the field. Baseball and sports have been a large part of shaping so many different lives and stories of many individuals. The adversity one will encounter within a season and career can only prepare these young athletes for the road of life ahead. Our goal is not to replace a player's current leagues or other teams, but to rather prepare them to perform at an elite level when they compete within them. We expose our players to elite travel tournaments in the Northeast to prepare them for the next step in their development as a complete baseball player. Ultimately our goal is to prepare our players for the next level and to prolong a players baseball playing career as long as possible.

What We do

Baseball is a very complex sport that at times is taken for granted in terms of the complex social, physical and emotional battles one endures through a game. Our goal is to prepare these young players by teaching them ways to be as successful as they possibly can be and to ultimately help our players prolong their playing careers.


Our travel teams compete in elite tournaments in the Northeast in order to prepare our players to compete at their highest capabilities. Traveling to these tournament locations helps a young ball player to prepare their skills, both physical and mental, for the next level.

Winter Training

Our teams practice 2-3 times a week for five months during the Fall/Winter months in order to ensure that our players are at their optimum peak for baseball season. Our training has a similar model to a college level winter training program and promotes a players baseball knowledge, fundamentals and mental sharpness.


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